About us

We are artists associated with Helsinki and Finland for over 30 years. The new situation on the art market in 2020 inspired us to leave the gallery and studio space to a wider group of recipients. We offer serigraphy and reproductions of our works that have been created over the years in our studio in Helsinki. The paintings are inspired by Helsinki and the Finnish landscape, and our paintings, watercolours, pastels and graphics can be found in collections scattered on many continents. New techniques for multiplying this long-standing creativity promote Helsinki and the beauty of Finland around the world.

Our initial exhibitions:

The first group exhibition in 1992 in Helsinki, Impre Gallery.
1992 – Gallery Rantakadun, Uusikaupunki, Finlandia,
1994 – Hotel Grand Marina, Helsinki
1994 – Ammatti- Instituutti, Helsinki
1995 – MTV 3, Helsinki
1996 – Hotel Holiday Inn, Helsinki
1999 – Finnish Red Cross Gallery
2000 – Myyrmaen Galleria, Helsinki
2000 – International School Of Helsinki
2000 – Participation in the monument restoration project for the protection of the National Heritage.


Anna Robaszkiewicz


Mariusz Robaszkiewicz